No-Fuss Task Automations

Powerful visual automations that do the heavy lifting and perform the mundane tasks;  freeing up valuable time and energy to focus on other critical aspects

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Workflows Make You Work Smarter, Not Harder

Optimize your lead journey processes with automation and integration. From personalized triggers for workflows to timely engagement of leads, we help you boost your profitability effortlessly

Customized Triggers

Set different conditions for every lead segment and trigger different workflows for them based on their choices.

Automated Emails to Nurture

Send out carefully planned emails to your leads slowly nurturing them down the bottom of your funnel to turn up your profits.

Set Delays and Execute at Right Time

Engage your leads at the perfect moment without lifting a finger. Use smart delays and only send updates or execute integrations when your leads are most receptive.

Achieve More With Integrations

Add various integrations and webhooks to connect with the existing software you use; like email marketing, CRM, webinar services and’s all visual!


Experiment, Segment and Personalize Your Processes to Increase ROI

Maximize your efficiency, fine-tune your workflows and find the perfect strategy for different segments

Duplicate and Test, Find Your Sweet Spot

Duplicate your existing workflow in a click, adjust it and test its different versions to see how well each one is working for different segments.

Lead Segmentation for Improved Outcomes

Improve your targeting and get higher conversions by segmenting the incoming leads.

Serve Better With Personalized Offers

Send personalized offers to your leads that are more suited to where they are in their lead journey and increase your chances of conversion and profit.

Connect Your Favorite Tools and Boost Your Productivity

Streamline your workflow, so you can get more done in less time.
Google Analytics
Great for building out lead sites!
It has been a great experience especially having the ability to manage everything under one program. I have many domain names related to my business using important keywords so I build out lead sites and of course collect and call my leads. This software does it all!
Rick Gomez
Owner, Financial Services
Grawt is really pretty easy to use!
I was very impressed by the wealth of lead generation assets that come with the product and the built in materials are very helpful. I always look for a tool that lets me use my own domain so that my brand is being put out there. Grawt has this feature. Another 'must have' is solid customer support.
Dean Lind
Owner, Four Corners Video
It's an awesome value!
The best thing about Grawt is that it is easy to use. The interface is clean and the platform is really intuitive to set things up. It just works which is exactly what I was looking for. The product is also constantly being updated and features added which is what you want to see in a platform like this.
Patrick G.
Owner, Online Media

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Analytics & Tracking

Grawt's robust analytics feature meticulously organizes critical lead information, letting you refine your lead capture strategy. These statistical insights are your compass for making data-driven decisions to boost your lead generation efficiency.
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Leads Management

Manage your leads effectively with Leads Management. Seamlessly organize and access lead data, export it wherever you need, and gain insights into lead activity to optimize your strategies. Up your lead generation game today!
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