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Real Results, Rave Reviews

Grawt maintains an impressive score of 4.8/5.0 on different review platforms. It's clear that Grawt is winning hearts.

I recently started using Grawt for our lead generation efforts, and it has been a positive experience so far. The platform offers a variety of features that have helped us streamline our marketing processes.

One standout feature of Grawt is its drag-and-drop builder, which has made creating landing pages much simpler. Even with limited design skills, I could easily customize templates and add content like text, images, and videos. Grawt also provides tools for capturing leads through different forms and widgets, such as sticky bars and modals. These features have been effective in improving engagement and interaction with our audience.

I have found the support team at Grawt to be responsive and helpful whenever I have had questions or needed assistance. Their knowledge and willingness to assist have been valuable in navigating the platform.Overall, Grawt has been a useful tool for our lead generation needs. It has user-friendly features and a supportive team behind it.
Excellent value for a feature rich, interactive lead generation platform. Grawt gets two thumbs up! The platform offers a unique and interactive hook for demand generation.

It's well-designed and easy to use! From start to finish you can design, develop, deliver and track your lead magnets and with onboard journeys, workflows, conversion features and analytics all with AI assistance developing content.
Mark C.
I am happy with my purchase and intend to simplify my customer journey by selling my products without the need of any other tool, saving time and money by having such tools in this marketing platform.

The simplicity of its use, particularly the actions/automations, providing start to finish complete integration in the marketing journey. Easy to understand and deploy the set and forget marketing funnels.
Nigel B.
Grawt has quickly become a tool I can see myself using a lot for my lead generation efforts, especially when I want to set something up quickly. I’m excited about its simple setup and effectiveness. The process of creating lead magnets, workflows, and publishing pages is pretty straightforward, The demo on the site was super helpful to understand the way everything is connected.

Grawt is a lean lead generation platform with a few helpful features already. Its user-friendly nature, combined with innovative features like AI profiling and a wide range of integrations, makes it easy to get up and running. The platform is on a solid path and I'm excited to see how Grawt will evolve, especially with their proactive approach to user feedback and updates.
Grawt offers a simpler way to build funnels and every step of the lead journey. Overall, migrating my business over to Grawt was a great experience, and I highly recommend you do it if you are considering.

With Grawt, I love controlling every step of the lead journey from a straightforward platform. No more having to cherry-pick tools and piece them all together.
Nathan C.
I purchased this software as a founding member when it was first launched. Since then, there have been consistent improvements and updates every week. As a page and funnel builder it's awesome, it's simple to the bone, and that is just what I need.

It should not be time-consuming to work on this, better be quick at the solution. What I like most about Grawt is how easy it is to quickly make a stunning page.
Frank E.
I love Grawt, I don't want or need any other tool after this. It's far better than other tools out there, with a lot more options!
Michael P.
Exceptional product and service - nothing else to say - Just get it. It's great... Do your business and your wallet a favour...
Angus U.
Easy to use with great features. The UX of the account with all the features to make your life easy
Akram S.
Grawt for all your landing page and lead generation needs. Very positive so far as I have only recently acquired the product but am satisfied that I have made a good purchase!

It has a great structure for this kind of app and is well thought out with plenty of tools in it's arsenal!
Anthony S.
Great Landing Page and Lead generation for a marketing Neophyte. Great customer support, solid product, and overall very easy to use.

The CRM integration built-in to the AI assisted lead magnet generator, is in a word, amazing!
Patrick H.
Highly recommended - A game changer taking into consideration the time & finances that go into lead generation.

Great for transforming leads into customers, crafting compelling content with AI, and providing the ability to track leads and gain valuable insights by monitoring conversion rates.
Dileepa L.
A much needed tool for doing prospecting online! Ease of use is always a priority for me as I'm always looking to save time and money.

Grawt allows me to eliminate several other products. Another important factor is being able to use my own domain via cname so that I can protect my brand.
Carl M.
Excellent Lead Capture & Management Product. We have been pleasantly surprised with the clean UI and the smooth functionality of the product. It seems to be coded very well and the interface is very easy to navigate.

It looks basic when you log in but as you go through the menus, the power and deep functionality of this SAAS quickly becomes very apparent. Very glad we made the purchase!
Mike S.
I was very impressed by the wealth of lead generation assets that come with the product. Grawt is really pretty easy to use and does a great job of helping you build solid user experience flows.

It seems to have the tool you need, when you need it. Built-in materials are very helpful. I always look for a tool that lets me use my own domain so that my brand is being put out there. Grawt has this feature. Another 'must have' is solid customer support.
Dean L.
It has been a great experience especially having the ability to manage everything under one program from creating lead sites to collecting leads to follow up with.

I have many domain names related to my business using important keywords so I build out lead sites and of course collect and call my leads. This software does it all!
Rick G.
The best thing about Grawt is that it is easy to use. The interface is clean and the platform is really intuitive to set things up. It just works which is exactly what I was looking for.

I love that that I don't have to spend a lot of time learning to use Grawt. I am really happy with Grawt. For what you get for the price, it's an awesome value.
Patrick G.
Grawt has just a crazy amount of excellent marketing and lead generating material already built in and ready to customize to your specific needs.

It's Quick and Easy! From lead pages to workflows, Grawt has it all.
Michael H.
Grawt is very easy to use and is a one stop shop... means, you don't need tons of other tools.

Grawt made our processes of building Landing pages and Lead Generation Campaigns easier.
Christian F.